A Model’s Tips on What to Wear & What Not to Wear While Travelling

In-flight fashion is different from the runway and the streets of New York City. It’s the only time when comfort trumps style.

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A Model's Guide on What to Wear and What Not to Wear While Travelling

In-flight fashion is different from the runway and the streets of New York City. It’s the only time when comfort trumps style. Don’t get me wrong, I would recommend a hoodie and loose pants, but I wouldn’t recommend your flannelette pajamas. Try to find a balance. I like to think of it as an outfit I could wear to bed, but I could also wear to lunch with a friend. In other words, comfort clothing that is socially acceptable.

Here is a list of my top tips of what to wear and what not to wear to help you decide on an outfit that won’t cause you discomfort.

What to Wear:

  • Stretchy loose pants

Track suit pants, genie pants, or linen pants all guarantee comfort and ease. Make sure that the pants you choose have a waistband that isn’t restricting or too tight on your stomach and that they breathe coziness.

  • Statement pieces

An easy way to make your comfort outfit socially acceptable is to accessorise with statement pieces. Travel with your favourite handbag which can easily complement a basic outfit. Alternatively, take a leather jacket, which looks good draped over a grey V-neck cotton tee.

  • Hoodie

There is something about a hoodie that feels like home. Pack your favourite hoodie in your hand luggage so that if you get cool while on the plane you can chuck your hoodie on, prop the hood up, and curl up for some shut eye.

  • Layers

Layers are a great idea for the plane as they are lightweight and accommodate for both warm and cold climates. For example, I layer up when I’m on the plane as it tends to get chilly, but once I arrive in Fiji where it’s hot and humid, I can easily take the layers off and shove them in my bag.

  • Activewear

Activewear is designed for flexibility and comfort while also being so in trend right now. Wear your favourite yoga tights, light, and comfortable sneakers, an elastic crop top and a light jacket. The best part is if you have to run for your flight you’ll get there 10x faster.

What Not to Wear:

  • Tight/complicated clothing

There’s nothing worse than trying to get into a comfortable sleeping position while wearing tight and restricting clothing. If you would rather wear jeans, instead of wearing tight high-waisters, wear boyfriend jeans that have room to give. Avoid wearing complicated clothing such as bodysuits where you have to take the whole outfit off just to go to the toilet.

  • Belt

Not only is it a pain for you to unbuckle and put through security, but there’s a good chance it will restrict your stomach and dig into you when trying to find a comfortable sleeping position.

  • Offensive clothing

Avoid wearing any clothing that has offensive or inappropriate slogans or images. Be mindful that at an airport you are interacting with a number of different cultures and nationalities as well as customs who will not appreciate any offensive material. Try to wear neutral and respectful clothing.

  • High heels

Stepping into a pair of stilettos every time you want to go to the bathroom is a pain, despite how good you may look. Additionally, you’re already thousands of feet above ground and planes aren’t always smooth, you wouldn’t want to run the risk of toppling over in your heels.

  • Revealing clothing

Planes get cold and if you’re wearing a skirt, shorts, or a dress your legs may get chilly! They’re also not very practical to sleep in and you wouldn’t want the possibility of indecency if you have to get up for the bathroom and climb over your neighbours.

**Phillipa Steele is a Fijian model working internationally and a Brand Ambassador for Fiji Airways. Phillipa is half Fijian and the other half is made up of Tongan, French, English and American and is based in Sigatoka, Fiji. For 6 months of the year Phillipa is travelling to New York, France and Switzerland where she models for some of the world’s top fashion brands. Follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

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