Five Hostels Guaranteed to Inspire Adventure

Warning: freaky gorgeous hostels lay ahead.

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When you think hostels do you think tinea, bed bugs and sheets infested with mysteriously small black hairs that you know didn’t come from someone’s head?

Me too dear reader, me too.

However, as George Orwell wrote in his classic novel Animal Farm: ‘All hostels are equal, but some are more equal than others.’ Except he said animals, not hostels and was making more of a satirical political statement about the nature of communism whereas I am just saying some hostels are good and some are less good.

You get it.


Das Park Hotel

Wait what? Found in Ottensheim in Austria, Das Park Hotel is strange at best- at worst it’s a concrete tube for sleeping in. Apparently each tube weighs around 9.5 tonnes, so a strong breeze is unlikely to roll the cylinders. Phew! Prices vary, as the payment system relies on visitors paying only what they feel the accommodation deserves! Quirky!

The Ginger Monkey

If the name didn’t already suck you in with its quirk then the picture below sure will. Nestled in the High Tatras of Slovakia, The Ginger Monkey is hard to find but not easily forgotten. Naww. There is a dog, there is a hammock, but most importantly, there is the most stunning mountainous view you ever will see. You can go in winter and enjoy Cross Country and Mountain skiing, or you can enjoy the wonderful trails and hike during the summer time.

Capsule Hotel Asakusa River Side

In Japan and in a capsule what could be better? Perhaps not for the claustrophobic, pod hostels and hotels are not uncommon in Japan! It kind of looks like a morgue but also like a bit of fun… if you are into small spaces and have a thing for coffins then this is the hostel for you. Prices start at $45.

Plus Hostel Berlin

Located in Friedrichshain, Berlin’s hippest destination of all, Plus Hostel is the coolest of the cool with facilities to match the brilliance of its location. Stunning rooms, quirky artworks and a fresh swimming pool all come with the hostels $27 minimum fee. It’s a must if Berlin is on your Euro trip list.

Casa Elemento, Colombia

From only $11, Casa Elemento is a beautiful bargain that is everything you could ever want a Colombian hostel to be. Hammocks (which you can book for your slumber), a wide cast net over the treetops below and scenic views are only a few of the things that make this amazing hostel so special.