Get Your Summer Body Now!

The best tips for beating the post-winter gym rush.

Advertisement,, crowd ink, crowdinkSummer Body (Image Source: Jogger)
Summer Body (Image Source: Jogger)

Most of us prefer to spend our winters tucked up with blankets and comfort foods, but if you’re looking to get fitter for summer, you might want to rethink your strategy. Beginning the winter with a better mindset is the best way to make your healthy lifestyle last long past the end of summer.

The Fitness

There are a million and one get fit quick programs, and while these might help you drop weight fast, they aren’t a sustainable, long-term approach to getting healthy. If you’ve got the money and the time, talking to a personal trainer about easy ways to incorporate fitness into your daily routine is ideal, but if you’re stretched for cash or don’t have an hour a day to work out, it’s the little things that’ll make the difference.

Switch up how you get to work: walk to the bus or tram stop, or go the entire distance if work isn’t too far away. Figure out what exercise you enjoy and, in all likelihood, there’s probably an app that’ll help keep you accountable for your training. Thirty minutes of exercise three to four times a week is a great start for a fitter, stronger you.

The Food

Most trainers, nutritionists, and doctors agree that losing weight and getting healthy is a balancing act – 20% exercise, 80% what you eat.

Try for hearty, filling food without the processed/saturated fats. Think delicious vegetable curries, soups, and warm roast vegetable salads. Go for dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate, and if ice cream is your Achilles heel, try yoghurt and fruit, or any one of the healthier ice creams options you can find at your local supermarket.

These small swaps will soon feel like no big deal and you’ll start seeing and feeling the results faster than you’d previously imagined!

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