Foods in Your Fridge you Didn’t Know Were Superfoods

A study conducted at Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reveals a list of “powerhouse” fruits and vegetables, showing their nutrient density scores.

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They are called “superfoods” because of their high level of everything that is good for you. A list of 41 superfoods were determined by “nutrient density” by researchers at William Patterson University and as it turns out, many of these are foods you probably have in your fridge right now.

Spinach – With a nutrition density score as high as 86.43%, it’s good thing spinach is as versatile as it is. You can add it to quiche; savory pastries and bolognaise sauce and know your getting a very good hit of your nutrients for the day.

Parsley – It’s a herb that goes hand in hand with pasta dishes and salads, it can be used in everything! Not only would many people have this staple in their kitchens, they probably grow it in their gardens as well. If you don’t grow it, it might be something to look into. Parsley grows rapidly and bountiful. If you want to know more about growing herbs check out this article here.

Red Capsicum – it has a nutrient density score of 41.26% and is a very popular ingredient in many dishes and a staple for most people. Because preparation methods can alter the nutrient content of foods, putting raw capsicum in your burrito, for example is better than cooking it in with your mince meat mixture.

Pumpkin – How good is pumpkin! You can roast it, steam it, put it in soups and it is a superfood. Who knew?

Cauliflower – Said to be the new kale, cauliflower is loaded with nutritional benefits. For a new twist on cauliflower and to reduce those carbs, turn it into a rice dish or make cheesy pizza crust – find the recipe here.

Carrot – Is carrot not the most staple vegetable found in everyone fridge or am I mistaken? Well it’ll excite you to know that this orange veggie is considered a superfood and if you’re one who likes snacking on carrot sticks, then you’re already a step ahead of the crowd.

Tomato – Tomato is in the base of a pizza and can be put on top of a pizza, if I’m not mistaken, basically pizza is a superfood yeah?

Strawberries – Yay strawberries are a superfood! Load your pavlova with extra sweet strawberries next time, because they are a powerhouse berry.

Orange – It’s delicious, juicy and in season. Get into the best citrus fruit around because they are super.

Sweet potato – swap normal starchy potatoes with sweet potatoes, it’ll do you wonders. If you want to know more about food swaps, check out this article here.

The foods on this list are made “super” because of the essential nutrients in them which include, potassium, fiber, protein, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E, K and more.

If the majority of these fruits and vegetables are in your fridge, keep doing what you’re doing because you’re getting your superfood intake and you don’t even know it… well now you do.






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