I Saw Lion and Left the Cinema Disturbed

How one of the years most highly regarded films made me feel uncomfortably ill.

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Lion Movie Review (source: The Indian Express)

Lion has been nominated for six Oscars, stars some of the most talented actors in Hollywood and is based on an incredible true story.

But I didn’t like it.

Here’s why.

Expecting an uplifting movie about a boy finding his way home, a joyful exploration of his journey from boy to man, I thought I would leave the cinema feeling entertained and happy- instead I left feeling disturbed and a little bit sick.

The story is one of depth, the film beautifully crafted and it is supposedly quite an accurate representation of authentic Indian culture. It wasn’t all Bollywood and beautiful scenery, but a story of Indian street children and what they endure at the hands of those (adults, namely) who are meant to serve as their protectors.

The films young protagonist, portrayed by eight-year- old Sunny Pawar did a magnificent job of realising the emotion of a boy lost and alone in an incredibly frightening India, dodging danger at every turn.

As I left the cinema, equipped with the knowledge that to this day 80,000 children go missing in India every year, I felt helpless and horrible.

How can we live in a world where this is normal?

I’ll stop before I give away anymore of this story, but I implore you to learn what I am speaking of yourself, see this movie and find if it makes you too, feel queasy.