OK for Some Reason you can bet on Donald Trump’s Tweets

Do you think Donald Trump will write a ridiculous tweet this Super Bowl? Well now you can bet on it.

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Donald Trump Super Bowl Tweets (source: Slate)

Does anyone watch the Super Bowl for sport anymore? Seriously, there are the expensive commercials, the half time show and antics outside the game which means you don’t even have to watch the game to become involved.

And now that has been taken to the next level.

Sports betting agencies Bovada and OddsShark are now allowing you to bet on

Donald Trump’s tweets during the Super Bowl.

You can bet on how many times Donald Trump will tweet during the game and what he will say in those 140 words.

You can bet whether Donald Trump will mention Lady Gaga (who is doing the half-time show), mention any of the sports players, or congratulate the winning team.

And there's also the question of who Trump will pick to win. The New England

Patriots are apparently a better bet.

Bovada’s head odds maker Pat Morrow says anything Trump tweets gets a lot of interest.

"Obviously anything Trump says or does gets a lot of media attention. So we put up how much will he tweet during the game. He's obviously a very prolific tweeter." He told MLive.com.

However, odds makers don’t think the president will tweet more than once during the game.

Personally, I think I’ll take a break from US politics for one day.