Five Lies Millennials Have Been Told

And our “typical sarcastic” millennial responses

Five Lies Millennials Have Been Told

1. The Avocado Toast Dilemma

I’m just putting this out there – none of us have been buying our avocado toast or as many (if any) take away coffees for about a month now. Housing prices are also dropping. But… pretty sure we’re not out there suddenly becoming homeowners. (Yes, I know that’s a totally implausible perspective… but come on, let me have my avo toast and eat it too).

2. Too much screen time won’t do you any good

That’s funny, because I’m pretty sure all the older executives are hiring all of us to do the technical stuff they don’t know how to do. Pretty sure our jobs largely rely on this “tech nonsense” too!

3. Finish your degree and you’ll find a job

It’s just not that easy. I’m up to about 12 internships and counting. That doesn’t include the other voluntary work I’ve taken on just to build up my resume. We’re building the stellar CV’s we were told would help us succeed. Except so are a billion other people.

4. You need to know basic math for when you don’t have a calculator

Didn’t see smart phones coming, did ya boomers?

5. Literally anyone that has a problem with you is just jealous

Honestly, mum – I’m pretty sure they’re just not that into me. I’m cool with that. I don’t need my ego stroked.