The 5 Best Apps to Improve Your Instagram Aesthetic

Plus, they’re all free!

The 5 Best Apps to Improve Your Instagram Aesthetic

Creating the perfect Instagram aesthetic is a lot easier said than done. No matter how carefully you take your pictures, they’re not all going to look aesthetically pleasing together. However, these apps are here to fix that. From creating beautiful Instagram stories to creating a cohesive look, these five apps have got you covered…and did I mention they’re all free!

  1. Unfold

If you want to step up your Instagram Story game then Unfold is the app for you. Once you download it you will have access to hundreds of templates that are specifically sized for stories. You can add everything from your own pictures to text, cute stickers, and GIFs.

2. Lightroom

Lightroom is part of the Adobe Suite, but the app version gives you access to lots of great features for free. This app is great for editing photos and you can adjust pretty much everything, even the hues and saturation of specific colours. If you really want to create a cohesive Insta aesthetic then you can also download additional presets to Lightroom which will help to give all of your photos the same look.


Sick of the filters that Instagram has? VSCO has lots of great free filters to choose from. It will even recommend specific filters based on the photo you’re editing. If you find a filter you like you can favourite it so that it’s always easy to find.

4. Over

Over is one of my favourite hidden gems. This app has graphics and templates for every occasion you can think of. Want to post an Insta story for Father’s Day? Over has you covered. Want to post a cute spring graphic? Over’s got plenty to choose from. Everything on Over is customisable and is a great place to find inspiration. 

5. Plann

As the name suggests, Plann is used to plan out the look of your feed. Once you have all your posts edited and looking great, you can upload them to Plann to see a mockup of what they will look like in your Instagram feed. You can move them around until your heart’s content and even set reminders for when you want to post each photo.

All of these apps offer great features, so once you have these apps downloaded take some time to play around with them and figure out which features you like best. You can use all of them to create your ideal Instagram aesthetic or just one, it’s completely up to you!