Expand Your Cookbook Collection and Eating Horizons With These Five Latest Releases

Each of these cookbooks will level-up your approach to home cooking.

Expand your Cookbook Collection and Eating Horizons with these Five Latest Releases

FLAVOUR by Ottolenghi;
The latest book by best-selling Yotam Ottolenghi, FLAVOUR, breaks down and celebrates the creativity and transformation of vegetables into delicious, magical dishes. Ottolenghi presents his readers new ingredient combinations to inspire a new approach to home cooking. The book is broken down into three parts, the process of cooking methods to elevate vegetables to extraordinary meals, four basic pairings that are the key to unlocking exception flavour and the produce offered that works to suit your cooking tastes. This book is suited to level-up your approach to vegetable cooking and for all Ottolenghi fans.

A Year of Simple Family Food by Julia Busuttil Nishimura;
The core of Julia Busuttil Nishimura’s approach to cooking and food is simply and seasonally. She presents a collection of food that will warm the belly in winter with a hearty baked maccheroni pasta and a fresh coffee granita on a scorching summer’s day. There is a range of both quick recipes if you are short on time or meals that will slow cook all afternoon. A family-orientated approach to cooking that doesn’t overcomplicate your favourite dishes. This is for those that love a generous meal and delicious food for every season.

A Gay Guy’s Guide to Life, Love and Food by Khanh Ong;
A MasterChef favourite, Khanh Ong presents a cookbook that will allow its readers to rediscover how food makes you feel and its power to bring friends and family together to celebrate and bond over a generous, delicious meal. With over seventy recipes to try out, accompanying with anecdotes on life and love by Khanh himself, this book is one that will lift both your passion for Asian flavours in the kitchen but will make you laugh along the way. A collection of Khanh’s family recipes, passed down through generations with Vietnamese classics such as prawn and pork spring rolls or tamarind crab and even meals suited for lazy brunches to epic long-lunch feasts.

Beatrix Bakes by Natalie Paull;
Natalie’s cookbook exudes her passion for baking and feelings of pleasure, joy and generosity. Her own bakery, Beatrix Bakes, is located in the heart of North Melbourne, with lines out the door and sell-outs of baked goods almost every day, thank goodness, she has published her own recipes for us to enjoy at home as well. Her book includes tips for the perfect baked cake and creations that are inspired by our favourite sweet classics.

Pasta Grannies by Vicky Bennison;
Vicky Bennison has spent a number of years documenting her culinary adventures and collecting the incredible recipes of our Italian grandmothers. The cookbook, Pasta Grannies, is a collection of family-perfected Italian recipes. These dishes really are made with love and for the soul purpose of brining family and friends together. This book will transport its readers into the heart Italy and the ability to make a range of delicious, traditional pastas.

Which cookbook will you be adding to your collection?