Fashion Repeats Itself: The 5 Fashion Trends That Have Resurfaced

The infamous saying that history repeats itself seems to also be true with Fashion.

Fashion Repeats Itself: The 5 Fashion Trends That Have Resurfaced

According to The Polished pearls, fashion trends repeat themselves every 20 or so years, which means the 80’s & 90’s are back. Time to raid Mum’s closet and bring out your best friends inspired outfits.

Here are the top 5 Fashion trends resurfacing;

Yep, you did read that correctly. Crocs are back, and I for one am extremely happy about it. The once loveable foam clogs became a mainstream trend in early 2000’s with celebrities like Jared Leto swearing by them. The shoe incorporates both, comfort and fashion. The trend has made its way to Justin Bieber, who has recently done a collab with the re-emerged brand.

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#JBxCrocs with @drewhouse available 14/10, 12pm. Link in bio.

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Platform shoes started circulating in late in 2019. Platform shoes were religiously worn in the disco era back in the 70’s and were slowly phased out. Only to be brought back in, bigger and better. The universal brand Converse, have released a line of platform shoes which have become the fast fashion trend of 2020.

The skinny jeans are out, and Mum jeans are in. The loose fitting, baggy blues have resurfaced. These often high-waisted jeans are normally worn for casual attire, but 2020 has spruced it up and normalised the Mum jeans for any occasion. Retail giant Glassons, have a page dedicated to helping you find your perfect Mum jeans look. To see the latest styles click, here.

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Denim Blues ? Shop the ‘Ripped Wide Leg Jean’ online now! #glassons

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To accommodate the high-rise Mum jeans, the crop top has made a return. Crop tops have been paired with an array of mixed fashion inspiration – It has been mixed and matched with skirts, jeans, shorts and even tracksuit pants. You can even purchase cropped jumpers to keep you warm from the bellybutton up.

It only seems right that matching tracksuits are re-trending in the year people have spent most of their time indoors. Loungewear has become one of the fastest growing fashion trends of 2020, but not just any ordinary tracksuits. Cute, funky, retro or whatever your style is, there is a matching two-piece tracksuit for you.

Stay current and trendy this year with these recycled fashion trends.