How to Climb the New and Improved Social Ladder

Find out where you fall on the new Australian social ladder.

How to Climb the New and Improved Social Ladder,,, crowd ink, crowdink
How to Climb the New and Improved Social Ladder

Though wearing Juicy written across our butts may have gone out of style, we are still, admittedly or not, a culture obsessed with labels. We’re not happy be short or tall or girl or boy or fat or skinny – nope we also have to constantly divide ourselves into subculture after subculture of categories until we sound like a fashionista’s Starbucks order.

Hi, my name is Sarah nonfat extra foam half caff whipped cream frappuccino.

Recently, Australian News added on four more subgroups we have the pleasure of defining ourselves with broken down into the Sloggers, Gen 2.0, Startup Stars and Gestaters.

Social Class (Image Source: real,,, crowd ink, crowdink
Social Class (Image Source: real

Now, these groups are more focused on income and work-ethic than down-right social status, but it further breaks down what it means to be in A, B or Z class in today’s modern Australian society.

Here is a quick Cosmo style quiz that will help place you in one of these groups.

Pick the one that is most like you…

  1. Job Status
    1. You work at/or started a digital focused industry business. You think of yourself as a ‘workaholic,’ and extremely ‘career focused’
    2. You are a manager or young professional in a career where your skills have improved steadily over the past five years
    3. You are a student or do casual work with no immediate plans to move up professionally
    4. You are in your forties/fifties/senior and have to work to support yourself though you’d rather work less
  2. Friends
    1. Social class is important to you when choosing friends
    2. Believe you have exceeded the expectations of your friends financially
    3. Want to be friends with celebrities and rich people
    4. Don’t consider social class when making new friends
  3. Material Objects
    1. You have expensive taste and follow the latest trends
    2. Feel you have enough money to live comfortably but not extravagantly
    3. Tend to want to ‘coolest’ stuff and follow trends but don’t have the means to buy any
    4. Not very materialistic and don’t put a large focus on purchasing trendy items
  4. Family Life
    1. You feel you have upgraded your social class in relation to your parents and now live in a nicer suburb than when you grew up
    2. You are the child of immigrants and speak and second language at home
    3. You still live comfortably with your parents after your teenage years with no plans to move out
    4. You have a family of your own and don’t feel you have exceeded their expectations of your career or finances
  5. Social Media
    1. You have more than 100 friends on social media and regularly check all forms and post
    2. Look through social media casually once a week and have more than 100 friends
    3. Check social media obsessively, has a large social network group and follows celebrities
    4. Not super socially connected via media nor with sporting teams, professional clubs or societies


  • If you picked mostly A’s you are a Startup Star!
  • If you picked mostly B’s you are a Gen 2.0!
  • If you picked mostly C’s you are a Gestaters!
  • If you picked mostly D’s you are a Slogger!