Fitbit’s New Release Makes Waves

The company is making a foray into unchartered territory.

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Fitbit New Release

Though they’ve long since led the charge in the fitness tracker world, Fitbit are broadening their horizons. The Fitbit Ionic launched in Australia last week and, as the company’s first smart watch, it has a lot to live up to. The brand’s fitness trackers outsell any other brand’s, so the standard is already fairly high.

At $450, it’s at a much more reasonable price point than its other competitors, but Fitbit has also developed a range of health-related technologies to ensure their watch stands out from the pack. Just some of the features included are:

  • A heart-rate sensor.
  • GPS chip with antenna, for better satellite connectivity.
  • Nanomolding technology, to ensure your watch fits better.
  • SpO2 sensor, a first for any fitness tracker and used to detect oxygen levels in the blood.

On top of all of the extra features, Fitbit’s CEO says the company will liaise with health agencies across the world. The SpO2 sensor can be used to detect signs of conditions like sleep apnea, so the brand will work with these health agencies to make sure sufferers know the signs and receive the attention they require.

And if that isn’t enough, the Ionic is coming up against some stiff competition. Apple has released three generations of smart watches already, and while these certainly dominate the market, Fitbit will also be going up against tech giants Samsung and Huawei. Fitbit is hoping that its fitness focus and ties to health agencies around the world will give it the chance it needs to stand on its own two feet.