Why Boxing is the Next Workout you Should Take up

Time to get your Rocky on.

Boxing (source: Pop Sugar)
Boxing (source: Pop Sugar)

Boxing is no longer an activity restricted for wanna-be rockies or for underground fight clubs. It’s an easy sport to get into and provides a complete body work out.

A typical 30 minute boxing session stimulates all the muscle groups and has a balanced combination of anaerobic and aerobic exercise. It also has a range of mental benefits, helping you feel less stressed and happier.

Here are the top reasons you should get out the gloves and join a boxing class:

Reduces anger and stress

How many times have you gotten angry and wanted to punch everything in sight? Well boxing provides a safe, controlled environment to get all that anger and stress out. A session of boxing will help relieve all your built up frustration, leaving you calm and relaxed.

Improved co-ordination

Boxing involves moving a lot of body parts at the same time. This requires a good connection between your brain and your body, increasing your co-ordination and body awareness. Over a period of time, this co-ordination can transfer to other sports and into your daily life (which mean less tripping over).

Become more toned

It’s a high intensity work out, so it’s no surprise that it burns a lot of calories and fat. The highly repetitive nature also means that it will tone your body, rather than build a large amount of muscle. Think toned arms, strong core, lean legs and increased muscle tone. Just take a look at celebs like Gigi Hadid, Adriana Lima and Kendall Jenner who all do boxing. Start on a boxing class and you’ll be sure to get that super model bod in no time.

You’ll become more fit

Boxing is categorised as high interval intensity training, which means that it works all different parts of the body. It trains the upper body, lower body and core strength as well as cardiovascular and endurance systems. It only takes a few weeks to notice a difference in your overall fitness.

It helps with self-confidence

When you exercise, there is a massive endorphin release in the body. These chemicals give you a strong feeling of wellbeing and happiness. Boxing is also a form of self-defence so if you ever get into a sticky situation, you can be confident that you will be able to fend for yourself.