Signs You’re Best Friends With Your Mum

You’ll relate to this list if your mum is your ultimate BFF.

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I know I’m not the only one out there with an incredibly cool mother.

Mum always has my back and is my go-to girl for anything.

She loves me when I’m moody and always has an interest in my life.

And she always pays for lunch. Bonus!

If you are fortunate enough to have a mum which doubles up as your bestfriend, I’m sure you’ll relate to this list.

So here are the signs that your mum is your ultimate BFF.

1. You steal all of her things. Nothing is off limits. You take her hair products, perfume, clothes and bags. You would even take her shoes if you fit into them.

2. You have TV shows you watch together, and you’re not allowed to watch it without them. You even call her to talk about the characters in TV show and what they’re up to.

3. She’s your favourite shopping partner and will always give her honest opinion (and if she’s seen the same item somewhere else for cheaper).

4. In the circumstances when she can’t come shopping with you, you debrief her after. You show her all the items you bought afterwards and lay them out and talk about prices and where they’re from.

5. She’s the first person you want to tell when you get exciting news. Or even not so exciting news.

6. You both have a goofy sense of humour no one else understands.

7. You text most days. And send selfies too. Pretty much messages are just selfies and emojis and inside jokes.

8. She knows about all your friends, and gets upset when one of them hurts you.

9. She knows about your health better than you do. You always want her to accompany you to the doctors, because she knows your history and can pretty much speak for you.

10. She is your biggest fan, your no. 1 cheerleader. Sometimes she knows about your accomplishments before you even do.

11. She always has your best interests at heart.