Bad Habits to Ditch in Your 20’s

Don’t carry over bad habits from your teen years

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Group Of People (source: Savvy Kernow)

Being in your 20’s is a really exciting time.

You’re no longer stuck in high school and you’re becoming a fully-fledged adult. Go you!

It’s a time to take on new experiences, learn a bunch about yourself and hey, even make a few mistakes.

But those mistakes should not be bad habits you’re carrying over from your teen years.

Take this time for some self-reflection and nip these bad habits in the bud. So you can get on living some of the best years of your life.

Staying in toxic relationships

This doesn’t just relate to your boyfriend/ girlfriend, its friends too. If the people around you don’t make you feel awesome, happy, secure and loved, then ditch them.

You’re in your 20’s and there’s no time for fake people. There is no point holding onto school friendships for the sake of “we’ve been friends forever”.

Skipping breakfast

Remember when your parents said breakfast is the most important meal of the day? Well yeah, they weren’t joking.

Take time in the morning to have breakfast, even if it’s just an Up and Go, and you’ll have energy to last the day.

Not keeping in touch with your grandparents

While you’re growing older, so are your grandparents. So don’t shun them out of your life. Pick up the phone, ask how they are, and tell them what’s new in your life. They aren’t going to be around forever, so enjoy the time that you do have.

Relying on energy drinks

Science has been telling us for years that energy drinks are bad. They have crazy amounts of caffeine and can cause anxiety, shortness of breath and chest pain (And that’s only the short term effects).

When you have exams coming up, and need to do an all-night cram, try having coffee instead.

And dear god, please don’t mix energy drinks with alcohol.

Avoiding the doctor/ dentist/ optometrist

One of the great things about being 20 is independence. One of the bad things is not having a parent book and accompany you to the doctors anymore.

Rather than ignoring that rash or toothache, just go to the doctors. It could save your life.