Aesop has Created a Candle Range That Answers Our Call for Calmness and Tranquillity

Cult Brand Aesop has Recently Launched their First Candle Range

Aesop has Created a Candle Range that Answers Our Call for Calmness and Tranquillity

Aesop has formulated their very first Aromatique candle range in collaboration with perfumer, Barnabé Fillion. The brand has created many sensory indulgent products that range from citrus, floral and earthy scents for your hands, face and body. This collection in the words of Aesop, signifies a charting of paths towards a safe harbour which couldn’t be more symbolic and timely in the year that has been. Aesop created this range on the belief that the night sky was also a source of comfort, as we look up to the sky and we become relaxed by the idea that maybe loved ones or someone greater is guiding us on the correct course that we are meant to be on, these candles aim to evoke that same feeling.

These candles have a scent base of paraffin and rapeseed oil, but each candle evokes its own scent unique to its name of an ancient astronomer. Aganice after the Greek astronomer, filling the room with hints of cardamom and tobacco with slight floral notes. Ptolemy, inducing scents of cypress, cedar and earth, named after an ancient mapper of the stars. Callippus, filled with vetiver, frankincense and shiso creating an earthy-green undertone in your space

Each candle is crated in an alabaster ceramic vessel completed with a short quote on the edge of the candle. The containers have been designed to blend in seamlessly with the home and continued to be used even after the candle has been burned. The neutral tones will become a beautiful simple piece to add to your shelves at home, as a new planter or another decorate ornament.

Aesop reflected on the symbolism that lighting a candle holds, as an age-old gesture to heal, enhance spirituality, for functionality and add aesthetic to a space. The brand stated that the source of light can add a sense of calm, neutrality and solace for those that may have entered turbulent times and as we all know that is almost all of us.

Add to your tranquil space by lighting a candle from Aesop.