5 Reasons to Get Active Outside

Embrace the changing seasons and dance in the rain if you need to!

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5 Reasons to Get Active Outside

Australia is a great country to be active outdoors all year round.  Embrace the changing seasons and dance in the rain if you need to!

  1. You Expend More Energy

What would you rather, a run on a treadmill or a run along the coastline?  Studies now show that runners on a treadmill actually expend less energy than those running the same distance outdoors.  Why?  The smallest changes in terrain can make a big difference, running up hill, down hill, wind direction, unstable ground, all account for an increase in energy expenditure.

  1. It’s More Enjoyable

Finally a breath of fresh air and not the sweat of the person on the machine next to you in the gym! In fact, people have noted that it is a more enjoyable experience when they exercise outdoors.  A recent study asked volunteers to take two walks, one either on a treadmill or on an indoor track, and the other outdoors. To no surprise to me, people preferred walking outside and even rated their mental health higher!

A recent review of 800 adults discovered that people who move outdoors have lower levels of confusion, anger, depression and tension when compared to indoor exercisers.

  1. You’re More Likely to Keep Up the Healthy Habit

Outdoor exercisers are also more likely to repeat their workout and maintain a high level of commitment because it is more enjoyable. It’s simple. If you love what you do, you’ll want to do it more often.

  1. It’s Cheaper Than the Gym

Even if you have to buy a bottle of sun-cream, a new pair of shoes, or a rain jacket, it is still less than a gym membership.  You could save yourself a couple of hundred dollars whilst participating in exercise you like more!

  1. It Adds Variety

Move your run to a trail where you have to focus on where you place your foot, go rock climbing, and feel the strength of your body pull you up, join a team sport, and be a part of something bigger than yourself.  Even doing a regular workout like you would inside, but outdoors can spice things up.