3 Full Body Blasters you Should Incorporate Into Your Workout

And they’re not burpees!

3 Full Body Blasters you Should Incorporate Into Your Workout

It’s always fun to mix up your workouts and add new exercises. We’ve picked three of our favourites that you can incorporate into your next sweat sesh. Get ready to get fit, have fun and feel fabulous!

Kettlebell Swings

If you’re not doing kettlebell swings in your workouts, you should be. They can easily be performed at home or at the gym, requiring only a single piece of equipment. The benefits of kettlebell swings are numerous, they help build muscle, increase fitness and train the entire body with one move. Correct technique when performing a kettlebell swing will work your core, quads, hamstring, glutes and back.

Medicine Ball Slams

Slamming a Medicine Ball onto the floor isn’t just an effective way to release anger. It’s a super workout. This exercise works almost every major muscle group and requires co-ordination between the upper and lower body. It increases agility and is a great high-intensity exercise to get your heart rate up and improve your fitness.

Box Jumps

Box Jumps are a super fun way to feel like an elite athlete, and they’re an excellent form of exercise.  There’s no specific equipment required to perform box jumps, and they will work the entire body and help build muscle. You’ll get super sweaty and burn lots of calories, while also improving balance and co-ordination.

NOTE: Please seek out guidance from a trained professional before performing any of these movements.

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