3 Female Fitness Influencers you Should Follow for Inspiration and Motivation

Get motivated with these fitness influencers

3 Female Fitness Influencers you Should Follow for Inspiration and Motivation

The internet is a great space to find information and inspiration about exercise and fitness. You can source workouts, watch demonstration videos and find all sorts of meal plans to follow. We’ve found three Instagram accounts run by inspirational female fitness experts that will help you avoid the fitness myths, and motivate you to get serious about your health and exercise.

Sohee Lee @SoheeFit

For informed and knowledgeable advice on performing exercises correctly and achieving your goals, check Sohee’s feed. She is a highly qualified fitness professional who provides straight forward tips and insight into fitness and exercise. A must-follow if you want to get smart about your goals and your training.

Lucy Mountain @LucyMountain

Lucy Mountain busts fitness myths and calls out diet culture misinformation. Her content is fun, relatable and informative. You can follow her second account, @nobsguide for helpful tips on performing exercises and getting around the gym, it’s a super useful resource for beginners struggling with gym anxiety.

Madalin Giorgetta @MadalinGiorgetta

Madalin transformed her online platform in 2019 to shift away from anything diet-culture related. Now she educates her audience about diet culture while preaching moving your body for enjoyment and not for aesthetics. Her content is refreshing and passionate, and she provides honest commentary on her own exercise and fitness journey.