Board Game Inspired Houses: Book Now Before They’re Gone

Book a weekend away at an Uno, Scrabble or Pictionary Inspired House.


Whether it’s a game of scrabble, playing cards, doing puzzles or even a few rounds of trivial pursuit, board games hold a special place in everyone’s hearts. They’re the perfect way to pass time and can be played with family, friends and sometimes even strangers.

We bring you some good news. and Mattel have joined forces to bring us the ultimate weekend we never knew we needed – a chance to stay at their new holiday houses that are inspired by the most iconic family board games. Need we say more? and Mattel have created three new houses that are inspired by different family board games. You can find the House of Uno in the Sunshine Coast, Pictionary Palace in the Blue Mountains and the Scrabble Shack also in the Blue Mountains.

The Scrabble Shack, located in Medlow Bath, is like a real-life dictionary. There are letters scattered all throughout the house, cookies inspired by the scrabble tiles, green couches and a beautiful fireplace to help you cosy up for a hard night of thinking.

The Pictionary Palace, located in Katoomba, has blackboards and sand timers, line-drawing crockery and giant pencils. Put your phones away and start using those art skills you were taught back in 7th grade. If you want a little break from the game, it’s located close to The Three Sisters.

Last but not least, you have the House of Uno, located in Booroobin. Hidden away in the treetops of the Sunshine Coast hinterland, this is truly the best place to host a games night. There are UNO-theme blankets and pillows, UNO mugs and even exclusive UNO pyjamas. Everyone seems to have their own version of UNO, so you might want to bring a rulebook just in case.

If this hasn’t sold you yet, I’m sure this will. The cost of one night in these houses is the same amount as purchasing the board game, so we’re talking $10 for the House of Uno and $39 for the Scrabble Shack and Pictionary Palace. Get in quick though – these houses are exclusive and only last until 2 November.

This is the perfect digital detox for you, your family and/or your friends. Your childhood fantasies are calling your name – book now before they’re gone.