Top 5 Australian Beauty Youtubers you Must Follow

The latest influencers of the beauty scheme

Top 5 Australian Beauty Youtubers you Must Follow

With a mobile or a laptop in our hands almost every second of everyday sometimes we feel we don’t have time to do things for ourselves. Maybe you’re on the commute to work or you’ve got twenty minutes in between a meeting, these beauty youtubers are perfect to check out in your short snippets of spare time. They’ll teach you the tips and tricks of the fashion and beauty world and will even throw in reviews of products, tips for amazing holiday destinations and if you need a laugh, they’re sure to throw in some personal stories that’ll give you the pick me up you need for the day.

  1. Lauren Curtis Since 2011, Lauren has been the go-to for hauls, reviews and tutorials!

2. Chloe Morello
Weekly videos about lifestyle and beauty? Chloe’s your girl.

3. Tina Yong If you like beauty but also love to hear about food and travel, this foodie will be your new favourite.

4. Shani Grimmond For luxurious getaways, eventful nights out with friends and glam to die for.

5. Michael Finch
A male’s touch to the beauty world, his beauty transformations are not to be missed.