3 Examples of the Most Creative Content from Businesses and Brands as a Result of the Pandemic

3 Examples of the Most Creative Content from Businesses and Brands as a Result of the Pandemic

In the time of crisis, marketers have been able to rapidly shift the focus of their brands to create some engaging and meaningful content in the times where behavioural and social trends have dramatically changed and are constantly being altered. These businesses and brands have found ways to continue engaging not only with their customer base but also find ways to make sales by using content creatively and to connect positively.

These three major brands have been successfully communicating through inventive content amid the global shutdown:

IKEA was quick to follow the wide-spread calls across the globe to stay home. They utilised this by creating their own movement by inviting their engaging community to view their own home with a new-found perspective. They asked their consumers to make home a place that is wholeheartedly theirs and a space that can continue to have new experiences even whilst at home. This content was captioned with #I’mStayingHome, positioning the brand as a supporter of the home and evoking an ambiance across their content as a business that is warm and comforting in a time of uncertainty.

2. Gucci
Gucci’s recent campaigns of their Spring collection have approached their content creation with humour, happiness and positivity. Gucci formulated a campaign with what they described as a ‘different point of view’, where the clothes of the collection travelled to the houses of the modelling cast. Photographs of the luxury garments worn and enjoyed from home were a new way of presenting their products in a more casual, realistic and enjoyable manner. This campaign was humorous and light-hearted as these overdressed models captured their lives in lockdown dressed stylishly in that season’s Gucci.

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3. Mecca
Beauty brand, Mecca continued to create content that inspired our skin and make-up routines even from the confinements of our homes this year. Continuing to bring the best of the global beauty by hosting virtual consultations with customers, short make-up tutorials on social media and live videos on topics that customers had requested. By continuing to bring beautifully curated content that is also informative, Mecca has uplifted its customers during challenging times.

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Can you think of any creative content that has come out of the pandemic?