The Must-See Tokyo Destinations to add to Your 2021 Olympics Trip

The displays of athleticism won’t be the only amazing sights Tokyo has to offer.

The Must-See Tokyo Destinations to add to Your 2021 Olympics Trip

Heading on a pilgrimage to the summer Olympics in 2021? Make sure to add some extra time onto your itinerary so you have the chance to go and see some of Tokyo’s most famous (and fun) sights.

Tokyo Go-Kart Tour

Ready to live out your Mario Kart fantasy? This tour will take you around some of Tokyo’s most famous sights in a day, so you can tick them all off your bucket list while zipping around in the coolest possible fashion. Costumes are included too so you can really get into your chosen character’s spirit.

Tokyo Robot Restaurant

Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, the unconventional cabaret performances put on at this eatery will entertain anyone and everyone. Robots of all shapes and sizes dance around the floor amongst all the trappings of a stage show (think lights, smoke machines and neon) that will immerse you in the spirit of anime.


Arguably Tokyo’s most famous upmarket fashion district, one square metre of land in this place is worth over 10 million yen, which gives you an idea of the kind of luxury you can expect. Whether you’ve come will a hole burning in your pocket or if you’re just looking to explore, you’ll be wowed by the abundance of high-end brands and glamour within Ginza’s main streets.

Takeshita Street

Located in the heart of Harajuku – Tokyo’s hip fashion district – Takeshita Street is teaming with shopping opportunity. Explore the trendy boutiques and crepe stands as you marvel at the magnificent outfits that local teenagers put on display, so it’s a perfect place to go if you’re looking to buy some memorabilia for your Tokyo trip – or if you love to people watch.

Imperial Palace

Set amongst some of the most stunning and well-maintained gardens you may ever set your sights on, history buffs and tourists alike will be amazed by the Imperial Palace’s majesty. Once housing the Tokugawa shoguns who ruled over Japan during its Edo Period, you can partake in an English-language tour if you’re yearning to learn more about the Palace’s history.