5 Ways to Survive a Group Assignment

When you think about it, being in a group assignment is more like being in a horror movie.

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Group Assignment

Look, group projects can actually be fun, if you have an amazing group of people and you all just happen to click and be organised enough to stick to a designated plan. But unfortunately, the odds of you being placed into the magical organised group are pretty slim.

When you think about it, being in a group assignment is more like being in a horror movie. So if you are still in school or have just started your years at university find supplied five tips and tricks to help you survive the dreaded group project!

  1. Find your leader.
    You need someone in your group to be in charge, no one is going to survive the apocalypse if no one steps up and starts organising things. If your group members are all sitting there awkwardly attempting to avoid making eye contact with one another, it is now your duty to make sure you all survive this ordeal by stepping up and leading the group to success!
  1. Keep in contact.
    Get each other’s contact information as soon as you are assigned your group! In these projects people seem to drop off slowly one by one. It’s important to move as a unit and not let anyone drift too far out of sight, so stay in regular contact! Because if not, before you know it – you turn your back for a second, everyone disappears and you’re left slaying the monster assignment on your own.
  1. Rationing.
    It’s important to divide up the project as fairly and as evenly as possible. Look for the strengths each individual brings to the group and work out a way to make the best of the situation you have all been dealt. Most likely there will be overlapping interests, a few people will want to do the same part (most likely the parts that are the easiest or require the least amount of work), but alas, to ensure the survival of the group, sacrifices must be made. (To be clear I meant someone giving up their desired role, rather than their life.)
  1. Have a meeting place.
    Like in all horror movies (cough), sorry I meant group assignments, you will be separated from your group to do you own work but it is important to have an allocated time and place to meet up. Find a quiet, convenient room for you all to show your work and see each other’s progress and plan out your next moves.
  1. Sacrifice those holding you back.
    Yes this is a harsh move, but if someone in the group just isn’t pulling their weight, turning in their work or showing up, you are within your rights to cut them loose and let them fail. You have to look out for what is best for the group and the grade, if that means feeding the sucker to the wolves, so be it. Most likely this person will try to pull their weight at the end, spurting excuses left, right and centre, but you must dodge these with care and let the person who assigned the project know exactly what has happened (or not happened).

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