How to Nail Your First Date

Getting ready for your first date? Allow us to help.

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First Date

I still vividly remember my first date. I was freaking out about what to wear and was worried that it was going to be extremely awkward. My mind had a life of its own and I imagined a ton of scenarios of my first date being a complete flop. It turned out to be fine and my worries were totally unnecessary. Since then, I have slowly learnt how to enjoy dates and I’ve come up with four tips for all you ladies out there to nail your first date.
1. Listen to your favourite songs and get pumped.

What makes you feel powerful and ready to take on the world? Some Beyoncé or Taylor Swift perhaps. Some songs on my personal playlist are Carly Rae Jepson’s I Really Like You and Taylor Swift’s Begin Again.

2. Wear red.  
According to researchers, men are more attracted to women wearing red. It is a colour that is memorable and captivating and evokes positive emotions such as love and affection.

However, if the thought of wearing red is abhorrent to you, wear what you love. If you’re not comfortable, you won’t feel the part and you can’t be your true irresistible self. So don the outfit that you feel sexy in rather than squeezing into a dress one-two inches too short. Tugging and adjusting your outfit the whole night is not attractive.

3. Listen more than you talk.
Be a little mysterious. Instead of blabbing about yourself or narrating your love autobiography, take time to listen to what the other person has to say. Even if it doesn’t lead to a second date, I think it’s always nice to learn about someone else and hear about snippets of their lives. People are intriguing and you get so many ideas just interacting with them.

4. Stop being so self-conscious and have fun.
The main cause why people don’t have as much as fun on dates is because they are so self-conscious of their looks or how they act. Do I speak too loudly? Do I have veggies stuck in my teeth?  Of course, having veggies stuck in your teeth is a genuine concern but apart from that, just let go of your inhibitions and focus on enjoying your time with your date. That would be the most attractive feature that anyone can have.

What other tips do you have? Comment below.

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