Why You Should Play a Social Sport

If you need encouragement on why you should join a social sports team, you are in the right place.

Why You Should Play a Social Sport

Playing sport socially, typically does not require you to play at a high level and is really for anyone with an interest. It’s as simple as choosing a sport you’re interested in and finding a local club that offers it. Social sport has a lot to offer.


Social sport counts as your daily exercise so if you play a game, you don’t need to feel guilty about missing a workout at the gym. Sport is a great way to exercise enjoyably. You can build up quite a sweat running after a ball or throwing one around.


Social is in the name. Social sport is a fun and easy way to meet and spend time with others who have similar interests and are likely to become friends. It’s healthier than meeting for drinks after work.


Not everything is a competition but sport is. Social sport can offer a healthy environment to show off your competitive side.


Even if you’ve never played a game in your life, by playing each week you will inevitably get better. Learning new skills and techniques is something we can all get involved with.

Feel Good

The endorphins you get from exercising increase mood levels and reduce stress. So in other words, social sport will make you a happier person. It can be a great way to unwind from a busy day.