Understanding Your Temperament: The Melancholic

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There’s nothing more irritating than opening up to a person about what a miserable day it is, only to hear the all familiar ‘look on the bright side’. To avoid this scenario, you may choose to reflect silently instead. You know eventually those nearest to you will ask the ever-needed question: what’s wrong?

It’s in your solemn expression and the way your feet drag along the pavement. Your downward actions align with someone carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, and you are, emotionally at least.

Sound relatable? Congratulations. You are a Melancholic.

As a teenager, you could relate to the angst-filled stereotype of your age group. The world seemed like a dark place, and the only escape was through poetry, music and art, either created by you or someone that you admired. Most melancholics have matured past this point, and are great listeners, with excellent empathy and intuition.

Your sensitivity is a blessing and a curse, however. Just like everyone else in the world, you need to feel wanted, though perhaps more so than your Choleric, Sanguine or Phlegmatic counterparts. Sacrifice is a huge part of your life, as is the idea of living for a greater purpose. Your co-workers, family and friends love your ability to predict events with startling accuracy. They’re also equally as shocked by your tendency to think the worst. At times, you remain so clouded by the chance of things going wrong, you may read into the well-intentioned acts of those around you, and ultimately end up casting them aside.

All is not lost my dear Melancholic. You above all else know there is beauty in both happiness and pain. By extending your energy outwards, you will find the inner peace you seek.

All information written here is from Xandria Williams’ book, Love, Health & Happiness: Understanding Yourself and Your Relationships Through the Four Temperaments. Williams believes the key to harbouring a successful relationship with yourself and the people around you comes from an intimate understanding of their temperament. If you struggle to relate to this particular post, feel free to click on my short summaries of the Choleric, Sanguine or Phlegmatic personalities instead.