Places in Bali That Will Make you Less of a Tourist and More of a Local.

Be a Bali local by going to these places.

Places in Bali That Will Make you Less of a Tourist and More of a Local.

Featured in the famous movie Eat, Pray, Love, Bali is one of the most famous tropical destinations and known globally as a tropical paradise. If you’re one of those people who avoids going to Bali because of how tourist-saturated and crowded it is, this list will help you nail Bali like a local!

  1. Menjangan

Located in West Bali, Menjangan is a 3.5-hour drive from downtown and is definitely worth the drive. You can rent a boat to go to Menjangan Island, a part of West Bali National Park, and snorkel around it to see its beautiful coral reef and saltwater fish. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even do a late-night snorkeling after sunset and check out their nocturnal fish. It would be best to stay around the area to enjoy a quiet and peaceful time for a more Bali experience.

2. Bias Tugel Beach

This beach is perfect for you if you’re looking for a more secluded and peaceful beach. Located in Padangbai, Bias Tugel is a small white-sanded beach with a clear blue water. Enjoy a quiet time with the sound of the wave around you. Bring your favourite book with you and wear your favourite swimsuit for the best sun-tanning experience you could ever get.

3. Uluwatu

If you’re looking to surf or just to swim at the beach, Uluwatu is the best place for it. Uluwatu has a long stretch of beaches that you could go to and all of them are amazing. Some of the beaches that are worth visiting are Balangan Beach, Melasti Beach, Padang Padang Beach (where Eat, Pray, Love was filmed) and Suluban Beach.

4. Ubud

Ubud offers more of a greenery scene such as forests and rice fields if you’re not so much of a beachy person. There are various activities you can do in Ubud such as going to Tirta Empul, a historically rich Hindu temple where you can do a Balinese ritual, walking around the rice field in Tegalalang and going to Nuri’s for the best ribs you will ever have. If you’re down to get even more up close and personal with the locals, you can check out the Ubud Market where you can buy souvenirs (mostly arts and crafts) and test your negotiation skills when you bargain with the sellers.

5. Lovina

Lovina is famous for its Dolphin Tours, where you get up before sunrise and watch the dolphins as the sun is rising. Not so much of a morning person? Don’t worry about it. You can always drive to Aling-Aling waterfall, around 30 minutes from Lovina, where you can slide down to the water and even do a cliff jump (around 16 meters high). It is better to stay up in Lovina for a night as it is quite a drive to get there.

Although Bali is always associated with crowds and tourists, these places guarantee a true authentic Bali experience that will make you feel like a local.