Poems for Under the Mistletoe

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Tell people you love them, when you love them, if you love them, in whatever way you love them. Especially at Christmas. Don’t do it for you, do it for them, because when you love somebody, they should know. Because that’s an important thing: to know that you matter to someone.

And if you can’t, because you’re scared or tongue-tied or ‘not that kinda guy (or girl)’ or any other excuse, use somebody’s else’s words. Use these words.

There’s a lot of ways to love. And there’s a lot of ways to say it:

‘This is a Love Letter,’ Dan Murray, Toronto, Canada
If you have never written him or her a love letter. If you can’t find the words yourself. If you’re standing under the mistletoe and have no idea how to tell them what you’ve been trying to say all year. Show them this.

“We are the very image of what happens when the dreamer meets the dream. And that this, this is a love letter.”

The Broem,’ Kevin Burke & Bill Moran, Austin, Texas
If you’re only a little romantically confused, but mostly just don’t know how to explain to your bro (male or female) how much they mean to you. If you’re lucky enough to have someone to mortar up that hole you punched in your wall, but don’t have the courage to say it yourself. Show this one to your bro. Your real bro.

“When I drank myself under the table, you were the kitchen floor. […] When that deer jumped into my headlights in the shape of an eviction notice, you were the soft futon mattress ditch. You gave me a safe place to crash.”