Chefs Predict 2016’s Hottest Food Trends

Are you ready for ethnic flavors and pop-up restaurants?

Chef Preparing a Meal,, crowdink, crowd ink
Chef Preparing a Meal

The year is winding down and everyone is doing their 2015 collections or predicting what the new year will bring. In the food world, trends tend to take on the form of food combinations, like the cronut, or and introduction of a new food, such as Sriracha or kale.

According to the National Restaurant Association, the hot trend for 2016 will be flavors from the Middle East and North Africa. The consensus in general among most of the chefs was that the new year will be filled with ethnic flavors, that means any cuisine that originated outside of the United States.

Some of the other trends that are predicted to take flight are more house-made and artisan food items such as soft drinks, beer and wine, pickles, and ice cream. This will definitely mean a deeper and higher quality flavor for many dishes.

One thing that chefs are very excited about, as well, is the idea of the pop-up restaurants. A pop-up is generally a store, of any type, that is only around for a short period of time. The idea of pop-up restaurants is very interesting because it means that chefs will have more creativity to create various types of cuisines.

All of this spells out excitement for the new year and especially for the food crazed. Who knows, maybe there will be a North African pop-up restaurant that brews its own “African-inspired” beer.