Freckles Are Having A Moment

Get the fresh-faced look that is ruling the runways right now.

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When I was young, all the girls absolutely hated their freckles. They would always try to hide them in every possible way. Being half Italian and half Palestinian, I never had freckles and would actually be jealous of my fairer skinned friends. I thought they were really cute and innocent and desperately wanted some. Alas, none of us were ever satisfied because we wanted what the other couldn’t have (isn’t that the story of life?).

However, now is the time for freckles to shine. Remi Brixton has launched a Kickstarter campaign called Freck Yourself to change the way we look at the little dots that grace our skin.

This new fresh-faced trend is taking the beauty world by storm and Brixton’s campaign aim to allow consumers to “apply realistic, semi-permanent freckles using our stencil and formula method.”

Brixton wants more people to “Get Frecked!” and get this fresh, no makeup that will last for days without smudging.

This is great news for those like me who never got the chance to have freckles (aka me) to have a chance at the fresh look but this is also good news for those with natural freckles!

Check out the video below and get your hands on a Freck Yourself set. I reckon that 2016 will be the year of the freckle!