Tongue and Cheek – What your Mouth says about you

Open wide and check on your health

Tongue and Cheek
Tongue and Cheek

Navel-gazing is a term to describe an excessive amount of self-reflection, but it’s also fun to do. Your belly button, split ends, nails, arm hair; it all makes up a theme park of weird and wonderful delights to focus on when you’re watching a particularly boring episode of Real Housewives.

The next time there’s a commercial break on The Bachelorette or your internet is particularly slow, take out a mirror and check your tongue. Do it for your health.

  1. Pale Tongue – You could be deficient in vitamin A or B12. Maybe consider heading down to the shops and buying a kilo of carrots or spinach. Chug that down for your vitamin A hit. As for B12, you could always shove some liver in your gullet. If that’s a little hardcore, try some fish.
  2. Red Tip – You are probably already aware, but if you’re seeing a red tip you might be distressed. You feeling okay? Look after yourself. Run yourself a bath, turn your phone on silent, and try to relax.
  3. Black/Hairy Tongue – Jeez! That is intense. But don’t fret, you can deal with it. It’s a build up of bacteria. Buy yourself an electric toothbrush. The Oral-B Professional 7000 will do the trick. It also makes brushing fun. You get a sweet app that tells how to make the most of your brush, makes sure you’re brushing correctly and for long enough. Also invest in mouthwash. You might need to bomb your mouth for a few weeks to get it back into shape.

Don’t neglect your mouth! Be aware of the signals it’s giving you, and you’ll be better off.

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