The Value Of Custom Framing

The Value Of Custom Framing
The Value Of Custom Framing

Do you remember the last time you went to Spain, drank Sangria for days, explored the streets of Barcelona and ate Tapas until you were too full to move? Do you experience a rush of excitement when recounting the moments Richmond won the AFL Grand Final? One photograph, artwork or possession can trigger a range of memories and emotions. From one glance, they hold vivid memories and sentimental moments to last lifetimes.

Loose photographs and artworks can deteriorate quickly when they are not protected and cared for. Cheaper, ready-made frames may seem attractive but can damage over time and fall apart. It is essential to protect and preserve your prized possessions with a custom frame. There is plenty to consider when deciding to invest in a custom frame.


Protect your memories, artworks and photographs. Over time, art can fade or develop a yellow tinge due to the effect of natural light. Materials used for custom framing a specifically designed to protect valuable memories for a long time


When exposed to natural surfaces, the artwork or photograph can lose its colour intensity and easily become damaged. By enclosing within a custom frame, it can add years to its lifespan. Specialists utilise a unique set of tools and techniques for framing, ensuring a high-quality finish. You can also customise the frame with a range of premium materials and finishes.


A ready-made frame may not suit your home or be the statement piece you were after. With a custom frame, you can express your personality and gives a greater personal value. Fit the bohemian look you were after or the modern black and white theme of your interior décor.


A photograph, an artwork or a piece of sporting memorabilia is a great present idea. Elevate the present with a custom frame, wonderful for someone special.

From photographs to plates, cricket bats to clothing, Regent Gallery collaborates with you to enhance and preserve your prized possessions. Through professional consultation, they advise you on a range of options, colours and styles. Find out more by visiting