SCIENCE! Watch Your Body Break It Down

Metabolism is often a buzzword in the health world. Learn more about it here.

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Most folks know a small amount about metabolism. Some know all about it, some know only that it happens in our bodies, and others have only heard the word.

Metabolism works in our bodies to synthesize and break down food, or “purines”.

Before we go any further on metabolism, we should learn what purines are.

They come from the food that we ingest.

Who thought food could have such a fancy name?

Purines are a double-ringed, crystalline organic base, C5H4N4, not known to occur naturally, from which is derived the nitrogen bases adenine and guanine, as well as uric acid as a metabolic end product.

Now, back to metabolism. Metabolism occurs in living organisms, to sustain life, and/or to synthesize.

In humans, it does both. We require such things as nutrients to sustain our being, and metabolism takes these vitamins out of purines.

Without a metabolism, we would eat and fill up once, never have a bowel movement, and slowly decay from vitamin deficiency.

And there you have it! For those out there who thought they knew it all, I threw in some big words, and for those out there who don’t know the first thing about metabolism, there you go! You can acquire more information on metabolism or purines from books, internet sources, or your doctor.

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Ryan Graham is a personal fitness coach and stay-at-home Dad to his three crazy-intelligent daughters. They all live in a castle in Sydney, with 2 huskies and a cat that just showed up one day and won't leave. Specializing in sustainable lifestyle changes for clients serious about getting their health together, Ryan believes that a focused body is a focused mind.