How to be a Light Traveller

And make the weight limit for carry on.

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Light Traveller (source: Eagle Creek)

It’s almost Easter holidays, which means it’s the perfect time to go on holidays!

There are plenty awesome reasons why you should pack lightly when holidaying. It will be easier to carry, you’ll be more mobile and you won’t have to wait at the annoying luggage carousel.

Or if you’re like me, you’re doing it to save some serious $$$ on excess bagging fees.

So here are my top tips for packing lightly.

Choose the right bag

The best way to avoid over packing is to start with the right size bag.

This will remove the temptation to keep adding more things, and forces you to prioritise what you need.

Plan outfits ahead of time

Count the number of days you’re going and then plan the outfit for each day. If you’re going for a long time, don’t bring more than 2 weeks’ worth of outfits and simply wash them. Try bringing plain items that can mix and match with other items. And hey, outfit repeating isn’t that bad.

Don’t bring things you think you ‘might’ need

It’s pretty easy to give into the temptation of putting in clothes for every weather scenario. But you’re probably not going to need a ski jacket if you’re holidaying on a tropical island. Resist the temptation and only take what is necessary.

Go light on toiletries

If you’re staying at a hotel, they usually provide shampoo, conditioner, soap and lotion. They also usually have a hairdryer, so there’s no need to pack these items. It’s just a waste of space.

Leave some of your bag empty

This can serve as extra space for souvenirs or for clothes/items you might buy on the road. Plus it also makes it a lot easier when you’re loading and unloading your bag.

Wear your heavier clothes on the plane

If you’re worried about that awful weight limit, wear all your heavy clothing on the plane. This means your bulky walking shoes and heavy duty jackets or sweaters. It will save a lot of space in your bag and also keep you warm from the blasting airplane AC.