Armineh Keshishian’s holistic approach to a Prosperous future

Armineh Keshishian's holistic approach to a Prosperous future

Armineh Keshishian is the founder and CEO of Wealth & Wellness Global – A coaching company that encourages living abundantly with core values of Empower, Enlighten and Build.

CrowdInk were fortunate enough to have a one-on-one chat with the businesswoman, delighted to discuss her journey of success.

CrowdInk were fortunate enough to dig a little deeper into Minnie’s story, with a one-on-one chat with the businesswoman, known for her venture “Crusing Minnie International”.

What’s the Inspiration Behind Your Business?

I believe in having a holistic approach in life based on my four-corner stone philosophy of Physical, Emotional, Intellectual/Mental and Spiritual elements. I conduct four distinct seminars/webinars that reflect living abundantly and creating your desired life whatever it may be. I am passionate about sharing my wisdom and knowledge that everything is about choices we make!

What is the Problem You’re Trying to Solve? Or USP?

I love guiding my clients on achieving wealth and prosperity. Over the last 25 years, I have empowered individuals to build and accelerate wealth while manifesting a joyous and successful life. My experiences in business and the spiritual realms makes me unique in sharing the alignment of body, mind and spirit necessary to achieve a fulfilled life. 

Who is Your Ideal Customer? 

Entrepreneurs, and individuals who are committed to experience life fully, based on intention and choice.

Have you Been Impacted by Covid, if so how Have you Pivoted Your Business? 

Covid has actually given me the opportunity to write my book Joyous Wealth – 56 Secrets to Riches and Wellness.

What Advice do you Have for Other Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs? 

Act, speak and dress like the person you want to be. This will attract the energy needed for results. Follow my 3D concept; Desire, Determination and Dedication. Find out what you are passionate about and what inspires you, decide that you will pursue it and commit until you reach your desired outcome despite challenges.

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