Someone Found a Way to Make STD Awareness… Funny?

This STD awareness campaign is making us laugh, not scaring us to bits.

Protect Your Junk (Image Source:,,, crowd ink, crowdink, std, awareness
Protect Your Junk (Image Source:

Statistics for sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhoea and syphilis have doubled in Alberta, Canada over the past year with drastically increasing numbers calling for drastic measures. While STDs are no laughing matter, there is something to be said when raising awareness regarding STD – and it can be done using humour.

No one enjoys an advertising campaign that uses scare tactics, and people are more likely to want to forget the negative impress, or even worse, traumatic afterthought that comes with a scare-based campaign. Thus, aimed at a demographic of twenty-somethings at the age of socialising, Trigger is an advertising company that believes they know their audience and how to tickle their fancy while tackling an important issue.

Go Balls Deep (Image Source:,,, crowd ink, crowdink, std, awareness
Go Balls Deep (Image Source:

With quirky, even absurd taglines such as “Go balls deep without losing sleep”, “Keep your vajayjay yay-yay”, and “Protect your junk and your trunk”, one might think that the authors behind these campaigns did extremely well to find the perfect balance of awkward and funny. It reminds us of a shy yet enthusiastic high school health teacher trying their best to control a bunch of rowdy students.


Vajayjay (Image Source:,,, crowd ink, crowdink, std, awareness
Vajayjay (Image Source:

The campaign’s website,, is just as entertaining (and educational) for audiences of all ages. For starters, it has everything one needs to know about symptoms, getting tested and treated, talking to your partner, and minimizing your risk. But it also has some excellent and entertaining ways to get conversations about STDs rolling.

Protect Your Junk (Image Source:,,, crowd ink, crowdink, std, awareness
Protect Your Junk (Image Source:

We’ve already had far too many turns on with the terms ‘sexgerm generator’, “pooterdrip”, “cockeruptus” and “pubeosis” being our favourite fictional STD names. There’s also some top quality jokes on there to have a read through. Here’s an example:

Q: What did the infected penis say to the vagina?
A: Nothing. Penises can’t talk, but they can pass on dangerous STIs. Be aware.

The Big O  (Image Source:,, crowd ink, crowdink, std, awareness
The Big O (Image Source:

To have a go at their risk-o-meter, or just to get a better look at the campaign, visit their website here.