Parents don’t fret; your year 12 graduates are going to be looked after on schoolies.

Schoolies on the Gold Coast has had some bad reputation in the past.

Schoolies (Image Source: ausnews),,, crowd ink, crowdink
Schoolies (Image Source: ausnews)


  • Police Strategy
  • 1100 volunteers, Red Frog ready
  • On-site medical treatment

Schoolies week has begun on the Gold Coast and whether you are a year 12 graduate about to embark on your celebratory trip or a parent of one, you should know that the Gold Coast is creating a safe environment for the schoolies influx.

Schoolies on the Gold Coast has had some bad reputation in the past. With arrests, violence and drugs being popular news stories hitting social media. But the safety of schoolies should also be promoted and shared.

Okay, we get it, you may be envisioning it being exactly like an American spring break, with rowdy teenagers swarming the streets, flashing each other and making out with the first person they see. But this is definitely an over exaggeration.

What you don’t see in movies like 22 Jump Street, are the many volunteers that are there, handing out free water, putting up on-site medical centers and taking overly intoxicated people back to their hotels.

Arriving over the weekend just gone, thousands of year 12 graduates are now settled in and ready to take on the town. There is a strong police presence, patrolling and monitoring the streets due to previous instances of anti-social behavior and violence. However, the police have been happy with the start of schoolies week so far.

What’s even better than having police roam around intimidatingly, are the 1100 volunteers from various community organisations that have given up their time to help and protect revelers throughout their stay. One familiar organisation includes the representatives for youth outreach group Red Frogs, who are providing a positive and safe presence within the party culture.

If you are not a schoolie, and are holidaying at the Gold Coast over this time, check out this article here to see what you can do to avoid being caught amongst the schoolies crowd. You don’t want to end up a “toolie” do you?




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