Megan Fox is Pregnant. Yay. Now Hush.

Megan Fox has just announced her third pregnancy in the most bada** way possible.

Megan Fox is Pregnant.,,, crowd ink, crowdink
Megan Fox is Pregnant.

Megan Fox just announced her third pregnancy in the MOST BADA** WAY POSSIBLE.

Anticipating a media storm questioning who the father of her third child would be, Fox released this image on Instagram labelled: #notthefather and beat the press to the punch with a smirk.

The pregnancy announcement closely follows a joint statement by Fox and soon-to-be ex-husband, Brian Austin Green. Green confirmed that the child is indeed his and that the announcement isn’t going to stop the divorce or hinder their ability to raise the child together.

And yet.

The media is still running headlines, in 2016, that look like this:

And my personal, cringiest of the cringe-worthy:

You stay classy, TMZ.

So. Congratulations, Megan! You keep kicking a** and taking names and being a mama on your own gosh darn terms. We see you.

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