Fighting Home Invasions With Fog

With the rate of break-ins and burglaries climbing, residents are starting to take drastic measures.

Home Invasions
Home Invasions

Victorians are taking measures into their own hands, and trying to repel home invaders by installing alarms, which will illicit non-toxic fog on command.

This fog takes only seconds to completely fill homes, following a simple click of a button. This will cut off the intruder’s sight and hopefully, cause them to flee.

The alarm is selling for around $3,500, and has been implemented by a number of Victorian jewellers and convenience stores, following a string of violent robberies.

The state saw 49,042 break-ins and burglaries in 2017, and this new contraption is taking a bat at reducing these numbers.

The fog alarm has only been implemented in a small number of residential homes, but already the homeowners say it’s provided them with a greater peace of mind.