Five Must-Haves for an Inspiring Coworking Space From Brad Krauskopf

Coworking has evolved from its start up and freelancer roots to a go-to resource for many growing business and even large corporates looking to connect to innovation.

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Coworking has evolved from its start up and freelancer roots to a go-to resource for many growing business and even large corporates looking to connect to innovation. With so many coworking spaces available, Brad Krauskopf, CEO & Founder of Australian coworking pioneer Hub Australia, has put together his five top things to look for, to ensure you find a space that really helps your business flourish.

1. A cultural fit

You can feel an office culture as you walk in the door most times, and it’s important the culture of a coworking space fits you and your business. You want to feel inspired and excited to come into work each day, and be somewhere that aligns with your business culture. Make sure to take a tour of any coworking space before you move in and speak to existing members to get a first-hand account of what it’s like to work there.

2. A diverse member base

Find a space with a diverse member group as this increases the chances of collaboration, business opportunities and career development. At Hub Australia, our members come from a variety of industries such as tech, law, design and not-for- profits, and we’ve found they often work together to create new business ventures or make valuable business connections. The brilliant thing about being in a coworking space is these chances pop up all the time – from a chat with the person sitting next to you, someone you meet in the kitchen or at member event, like Hub Australia’s weekly ‘Friday Wine Down’.

3. An inspiring and functional environment

At Hub Australia we have years of learning about how to create a home for businesses to grow. Our latest coworking space provides state-of- the-art facilities that would usually be the domain of large corporates, to fledgling businesses. It’s important a space not only looks beautiful and inspires creativity but also is functional and can support your business.

Facilities such as bookable meeting rooms, a boardroom, event space and informal areas such as a lounge or café provide flexible meeting environments and amenities such as end-of-trip facilities, meditation rooms and a kitchen are a must for staff.

The type of workspace you want is also something to consider, some people need a flexible desk while others need a dedicated desk or a private office from 1 up to 20 people. Ensuring the coworking space provides the work style and area you need is integral to choosing a coworking home.

4. A supportive network

The coworking community is a naturally supportive one and at Hub we are so proud to see our members grow both personally and professionally. When choosing a home for your business, look at the wider coworking community and how the space you’re considering fits within that. Look for a space connected to other coworking and flexible workspaces such as the League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces (LExC), an international network of innovative coworking spaces. Also consider what business development aids are offered. Some spaces have a roster of guest speakers on a variety of topics such as social media or marketing which can help improve your knowledge and skills, which in turn will grow your business.

5. A location which suits your business needs

While a space can have everything you need in terms of features, function and culture, it may not be in the right location for your business. Take into account not only your personal commute when choosing a space but also the needs of your business. If you meet a lot of clients, is it in an accessible area for them? Ensure the space is located near good public transport and local amenity such as cafes, banking, post, car parking etc.

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Australian entrepreneur and workplace innovator, Brad Krauskopf, is considered a national authority on the latest workplace trend that is set to stay: “Liberated Work”. Brad is the pioneering founder and CEO of Hub Australia which has coworking locations in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. Brad first encountered coworking spaces while studying his MBA in Madrid in 2009 and brought the concept back to Australia. Since then, Brad has used years of experience and learnings in the Australian coworking market to create a home for small and medium sized business to grow. When Hub Australia first launched in 2011 demand came from freelancers needing a desk, now it’s not only small and medium businesses seeking coworking spaces, large corporates are also utilising these collaborative environments for project teams.