Australia’s Bushfires – An Update

After a horrendous week for Australia, humanity and generosity has shone through.

Australian Bushfires
Australian Bushfires

The recent rain has provided much relief across the affected regions and for firefighters. However, authorities have warned the bushfires are far from over. Fire conditions are expected to worsen as early as Thursday.

There are still 136 fires burning across New South Wales, 69 of which are uncontained. Many communities have been isolated and homes without power. Almost five million hectares have been burned, with the number of homes destroyed confirmed at 1482 but expected to significantly rise.

The smoke haze from the NSW bushfires is continually causing problems for the air quality in Canberra. Over the last few days, Canberra has been at the top of the ‘worst air quality in the world’ list.

After the frightening aftermath pictures of the blaze on Kangaroo Island, a bushfire recovery effort is now taking place. More than a third of Kangaroo Island has been damaged, with the blaze is still active in some areas

In Victoria, more than a million hectares have been burned with 110 houses confirmed destroyed and more expected. There are 30 bushfires still currently burning. The air pollution across Melbourne is expected to worsen, with a smoke haze and smell coming across the city.

The end is not at sight, with the effect of these bushfires to last for many years for those affected.

The stories and pictures emerging from this disaster has left many wanting to know how they can help. Many prominent celebrities and news publications from around the world has brought attention to the events and are calling on people to donate.

You can donate to Red Cross disaster and recovery work here.

You can donate to RSPCA’s bushfire appeal here.

You can donate items needed here.