Women’s March Sees the World Stand in Unity

Trump’s inauguration sparked a nation-wide Women’s March that soon turned global, all to protest the President’s extreme hateful views.

Women's March (Image Source: CBC), crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au, crowdink, corwd ink
Women's March (Image Source: CBC)
  • Women and allies alike flooded to locations around the world for the Women’s March, in protest of President Trump.
  • Major cities were forced to adjust to the unexpected large numbers, which included cancelling protests for safety reasons and moving the locations to accommodate for the numbers.
  • Celebrities around the country stood in the crowds to show their support. Including Madonna, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Watson, John Legend and Alicia Keys.

After the shocking election of President Trump, people around the country took to the streets in protest against the 45th President’s controversial views.

An election that had left the country divided, and many in fear of the future, has now brought a different kind of unity. One that has reached all across the world, a march in solidarity of women’s empowerment.

The named Women’s March was held on the 21st January, a day after President Trump’s inauguration, and saw huge numbers of people hit the streets in protest of the President and his hate-preaching attitudes.

Washington saw numbers of up to one million people protesting, and other major cities including Boston, New York and LA were estimated to have around 500 000 to 750 000 marchers.

But the march didn’t stop just in the states. All across the globe, through numbers of cities, women marched in unity. Paris, Berlin, Prague and London were only a few of the many cities outside of the states starting their own march to stand for equality for all.

Thousands of women flooded through streets wearing pink and holding up signs protesting issues including sexism, abortion rights, healthcare, gay rights and climate change. Others wore so-called “pussyhats”, referring to comments of Trump’s about assaulting women, and held signs that regarded Trump’s comment on Ms Clinton being a “Nasty Woman.”

And civilians weren’t the only ones standing up for the nation’s rights. Celebrities too flocked to cities around the country, giving speeches, leading chants and showing their support for the women and minorities across the country. Some of the celebrities to show up were: Madonna, Emma Watson, Alicia Keys, Scarlett Johanssen and America Ferrera.

While many are still unsure about what the future holds for the country, one thing is clear: the world won’t stand idly by during this time, and they certainly won’t let their voices go unheard.