A Dimple Obsession: The New Cosmetic Surgery Trend


In a world grappling with a cost-of-living crisis, people are making surprising choices in the pursuit of physical perfection. While sacrifices are made in various areas of life, one aspect remains unscathed – the thriving cosmetic industry, with Australians shelling out a staggering $1 billion annually on beauty treatments, making it more popular per capita than in the US.

This commitment to appearance isn’t just about the standard facials or nail appointments. In the world of cosmetic surgery, a peculiar trend is on the rise – surgically created dimples. It’s part of an increasing demand for niche procedures such as Traptox and Fox Eye surgeries.

The Quest for Dimples: Methods Galore

To achieve dimples, people are exploring different avenues. The advent of “dimple makers,” affordable devices that promise to create dimples, has taken social media by storm. Videos on TikTok under the hashtag #dimplemakers garner millions of views. However, Maxillofacial Surgeon Dr. Paul Coceancig warns that these devices have limitations in delivering permanent and natural results.

For those seeking instant, enduring dimples, surgical options are available. These include semi-permanent procedures that temporarily simulate dimples, achieved by inserting a dissolvable stitch beneath the skin to create a dimple when smiling. Dr. Coceancig explains that the key to the procedure’s semi-permanence lies in the dissolvable stitch. Should one wish to undo the dimple’s appearance, they can untie the stitch with a toothbrush.

Permanent dimple surgeries, often referred to as “Dimpleplasty,” are designed solely for aesthetic purposes. Buccal fat pad removal surgery (BFPR) is one technique, which removes cheek fat to create a subtle crease. Alternatively, cheek augmentation with body filler or the use of fat from other body parts can achieve deeper dimples. While such procedures are safe in expert hands, experts caution that moderation is key.

Dimple Craze: Influenced by Unrealistic Beauty Standards

The surge in such surgeries is partly attributed to social media and filter culture, which continually reinforce unrealistic beauty ideals. People often aspire to resemble their favorite celebrities or influencers, failing to recognise that natural, unique physical characteristics make each individual truly one-of-a-kind.

While dimple makers are easily accessible and dimpleplasty offers a path to cheek dimples, individuals must weigh the implications and worthiness of these procedures against a backdrop of ever-evolving beauty standards.