9 Ridiculous Ways to Serve Big Batch Cocktails

Why not serve your big batch cocktail in a funky container.

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Serve Big Batch of Cocktails (Image Source: Rosevine Weddings) jpg

Everyone loves a good cocktail. Especially when it comes in a pretty glass with all the garnishes. But, when you have a massive party it can be hard to individualize drinks for everyone without breaking the bank. Why not take that same creativity and serve your big batch cocktail in a funky container. Here are some to get you started

1. Bathtub
Nothing like the place you go to bathe yourself to serve massive amounts of alcohol in.

Cocktail Bathtub [image source: bizbash.com], crowd ink, crowdink, crowdink.com, crowdink.com.au
Cocktail Bathtub [image source: bizbash.com]
2. Watermelon
Good for watermelon sangrias or mojitos. And for a bonus party trick check this out!

3. Trough
Because why not drink like a horse…you were already doing it anyways.

4. Kiddie pool
We probably still have these lying around anyways, so just put it to good use.

5. A coffin
Great to liven up any party.

6. Fish tank
Your fish were dead anyways.

7. Flower pots
Perfect for your next garden party.

8. Hot tub
Gotta keep your mulled wine warm somehow.

9. Canoe
Now no one can say you’re not outdoorsy.


Drink responsibly and party on!