5 Things You and Your Travel Partner Will Say to One Another

The 5 things you and your travel buddy will definitely encounter on your adventures and how to deal when you do.

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Travel Partner

1. “You’re Pissing Me Off”

Unless you are two of the most easy-going, easy to get along with duos to ever undertake the often frustrating, draining, and unpleasant experience of travel with one another, chances are at least one of you, or both of you will utter this slightly offensive and easy-to-get-over phrase to each other. It’s fine though, you didn’t really mean it, and chances were you probably just one of those things when you said it: tired, frustrated, or unpleasant.

2. “What Time do We Have to Be at the Train Station?”

The answer is usually something like 5:30am. One of you will probably be the more organized one on the trip, sorting out transport from one location to the next, whilst the other will laze around drinking a beer and waiting for you to hurry up and book said train. When it is all done, he/she will ask: ‘What time do we have to be at the train station?’

3. “Can I Have Some of Yours?”

When you and your friend are travelling together, you’re eating out together, a lot. And, naturally, you wanted try all the culinary delights the place you’re staying in has to offer. Therefore, you might want some of what your friend has ordered. In my opinion there is absolutely nothing wrong with asking your friend if you can have some of their meal. They’ll probably give you some.

4. “You Owe Me For…”

Oh yeah, this is going to be said. As much as it is frustrating for the person on the receiving end of hearing it, who are probably hoping to get away with not paying for that pizza you had in Naples two days ago, it is going to be said. Anxiety over funds creeps in every now and again whilst travelling, and this is usually when your travel partner will remember that he bought you a pint in Berlin a week prior.

5. “Should We Stay Here a Bit Longer?”

In the great rush and excitement of travelling from place to place in what feels like such a short amount of time, you and your travel partner will find that you love a place so much that you’re not quite ready to move on. Chances are, your travel partner will feel exactly the same. They’ll want to stay too. You probably will.