Pretty For An Aboriginal: The Podcast Breaking Boundaries

Nukkiah Lui and Miranda Tapsell converse weekly on issues surrounding race and other social stigmas in our country.

Pretty for an Aboriginal (Image Source: Player FM)
Pretty for an Aboriginal (Image Source: Player FM)

Nukkiah Lui and Miranda Tapsell explore Aboriginality in Australia through their enlightening and conversational podcast Pretty For An Aboriginal. The two give a unique perspective of growing up and living in this country as Indigenous women, shedding light on cultural impressions and stigmas in our society.

The women have weekly guests on their show such as actress Yael Stone and rapper Adam Briggs conversing in a casual manner about really important topics. Stone gives insight into her own experiences of white privilege and how minorities are represented in the media, both in Australia and Hollywood. Briggs giving a male Indigenous perspective into the music scene of Australia showcases how racial barriers intersect all aspects of Indigenous Australian’s lives, including fame.

Lui and Tapsell broadcast conversations like this weekly as they give a voice to issues we all should be listening to. The women are insightful, funny and most importantly pretty because they are Aboriginal. This podcast is required listening.

The Podcast is free and available on ITunes or any podcast app.