Beauty Tricks to Make you Look Better in Photos

Use these tricks before your next party.

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Beauty Tricks (source: Travel & Style)

1. Use matte makeup

Even if you don’t have oily skin, make sure you use a matte powder on your t-zone. This is the area of your forehand just over your brows and down the bridge of your nose. A dewy face in real life can often look greasy in photos so quickly patting over this area will fix the problem. Bring a compact with you on the go so you touch up during the night.

2. Apply LOTS of mascara

When applying your makeup make sure to swipe on a few coats of mascara or apply fake lashes. Often photos can wash out your natural features so you want to draw added attention to them. Wearing lots of mascara opens up the eyes.

A fool proof way to apply mascara is to blink down onto the brush head and then wiggle the wand to the ends of your lashes. This allows your eyelashes to be coated from root to tip.

3. Avoid SPF

Where SPF is a necessity during the day, sunscreen can create a white-cast in flash photography. It’s best to completely avoid it all together at night when you know pictures will be taken.

4. Make your teeth appear whiter

Make your teeth appear whiter in photos by wearing a blue-based lipstick. Blue and orange sit across from each other on the colour wheel, so blue tones tend to cancel out orange or yellow tones in your teeth when juxtaposed together.

This doesn’t mean you have to wear blue lipstick. Blue-based lipstick can come in all different colours and shades. Just read the details on the lipstick or ask a beauty consultant for help.

5. Fill in your brows

Eyebrows are face framers and a strong eyebrow gives structure to your eyes and face. Since photos can lighten our features make sure you take the time to shape your brows with a pencil, powder or brow mascara. The aim is to make them look fuller and longer. This can open up your eyes so much more and leave you with added definition.

6. Put foundation on your ears

If you’re prone to getting red and hot ears during a night out, it’s important to address them. In photos, red ears can look totally separate from your face and a bit strange.

Simply prep your ears with the same foundation that you use for your face. That way your entire application is seamless and you will look flawless.

7. Contour

Contouring involves calling attention to your good features and hiding the ones you don’t want to highlight. Using a brush, apply bronzer directly onto your skin and sweep it over your hairline, temples, under you cheekbones and on the underside of your jawline. This will give your face a more angular appearance. Then go over the things you do want to show off with a highlighter like tip of the nose and cheeks.

8. Remove frizz

Don’t forget your hair! Before you go out make sure you tame those fly aways.

Simply run a boar bristle brush through your hair and then follow with a bit of hairspray or argon oil to keep it in place. This will also boost shine and volume for lustrous hair.

9. Always do the flash test

Hooray! You’ve finally finished your hair and makeup and are ready for a night out.

But before you step out of the house do a quick flash test by taking a selfie with the flash on. Flash photography will emphasise any beauty issue you have. Reviewing the photo will allow you time to make any tweaks before it’s too late to fix.