My Experience With Period Undies

Tried and tested I have jumped on the bandwagon of the period undies.

Thinx (Image Source: Slate)
Thinx (Image Source: Slate)

As a sucker for trends and hyped items on the Internet I decided to fork out some cash and try out these so-called period undies.

I ordered a cycle set from Thinx, two pairs of ‘Hiphuggers’ and some ‘Running Shorts’ for extra protection, along with their promise to keep me dry and leak free.

I’ll admit, I was a little hesitant and weirded out by the concept, but here goes.

Good fit, comfortable and actually quite complimentary to my body shape, these four layers weren’t bulky at all. Aligning with their name, the Hiphuggers felt snug around my waist and were a nice change from the nappy feel of a pad.

The undies absorbed my lady flow amazingly. I still get the expected feeling of blood coming out but as soon as it hits the layers I feel dry again. All thumbs are up.

As the description of the undies claim they hold up to 2 tampon’s worth which I have found true. I wore the undies on my heavy days leak free but needed to change over before the night to avoid leakage and to feel a bit cleaner. Sleeping in these undies on my heavy flow I found leakage when I woke up so to combat this I either added a pad or wore their slightly more protectable ‘Running Shorts’.

Washing and reusing the undies was a piece of cake and took a lot of agitation out of constantly changing the bin in my bathroom. I wore the undies into the shower with me, rinsing them out, clearing all blood and flow, and then popped them into my next load of washing. Piece. Of. Cake.

I would recommend to all my lady friends giving this method a go. It really does take a load of hassle off my time of the month and will save me heaps of dollars in the long run. Plus, it does massive favours for the environment as pads and tampons equates to a lot of landfill from every lady every year.

My advice? Try ‘em out.