Zoë Foster-Blake Wrote A Children’s Book

The wonder woman has written a children’s book just in time for Christmas.

No One Likes A Fart (Image Source: Instagram @zotheysay)
No One Likes A Fart (Image Source: Instagram @zotheysay)

Yes you heard that right. Despite having a child and creating an app, super women Zoë has now added writing a children’s book to her resume.

The creator of Go-To Skincare and rom-com author announced the news on Instagram earlier this month saying “It fills me with GREAT gid and glee to announce my first picture book, No One Likes A Fart.” She then went on to state how “the book is so delightful, and adorable and ridiculous that I could just toot”.

Illustrated by Adam Nickel, I’m sure this little fart will go straight to your heart with it’s adorable little face.